Twelve Moons Pregnancy Yoga is a lovely way to support your body through the changes of pregnancy, while preparing emotionally and physically for birth and new parenthood, AND making some great new friends while you are at it. 

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Twelve Moons Pregnancy yoga has been designed to gently strengthen and stretch the body in order to soothe common pregnancy aches and pains like pelvic girdle pain and back ache. It is also a great way to prepare physically for for birth, as we spend time every week practicing positions that can help maximise chances of an optimally positioned baby. As a  practitioner in Biomechanics for Birth, I have also trained in teaching movements and positions that can be really effective during labour and can increase the chances of a straightforward and positive birth experience. 

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Twelve Moons Pregnancy Yoga provides a safe and judgement free space to share both the good, and not so good sides of pregnancy. We start each class with a short meditation and breathing exercise, and end each class in a ten minute relaxation. These mindfulness and relaxation tools are an essential part of your pregnancy and birth wellness toolkit, as they are  amazing for calming the nervous system, and keeping the stress response system at bay.  Pregnancy can be a stressful time and taking this time for yourself,  every week to relax and unwind can massively improve your mental wellbeing as a whole. 


Each Pregnancy Yoga class begins with an informal sharing circle, where we go round and talk about how we are getting on that week. There is absolutely no pressure to share if you don't want to, but you are always welcome to offload or vent about the challenges of pregnancy in a safe and judgement free space.


For each block  of classes, there is a group Whatsapp, in which you can share and chat more, or organise meet ups within the group. Many  great friendships have been made in my classes, and my aim is to create local communities of likeminded parents who can support each other through the sometimes rough road of becoming a parent. 

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As a hypnobirthing practitioner there is always a fair amount of birth chat thrown into our  pregnancy yoga classes.  We also dedicate a whole class to birth prep, in which we go over active birth positions and movements, breathing techniques for birth and we do a hypnobirthing birth rehearsal relaxation at the end. 

Twelve Moons Pregnancy Yoga is suitable from 14 weeks, right up until birth. If you have any questions please get in touch, we  are always happy to chat!  Currently we have classes in Beeston on a Monday evening and Keyworth on a Thursday evening.