Twelve Moons Baby and Postnatal Yoga is a great way to ease your body back into movement, support your little ones natural development and meet local likeminded parents in a judgement free and relaxed environment. 

Crying babies and tired Mums very much welcome. 

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During Baby & Postnatal Yoga you are actively encouraged to take time our of your day to focus on yourself and what you need. At the start of each class we focus on mindfulness, meditation and breathing (all much needed when you have a young baby) and then we take time for some  gentle postnatal yoga, which has been designed to ease back into movement by gently stretching and strengthening your body. This is particularly helpful for the common aches and pains which come along side feeding and carrying a baby around all day! Each class ends with a lovely relaxation (under a galaxy light to hopefully keep your baby entertained!) so you can switch off for 10 minutes or so, calm your nervous system and take on the rest of your day feeling a little more calm and rested. 

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Baby Yoga has a number of benefits for little ones, perhaps the first being the focussed time spent bonding together without outside distractions.  In Twelve Moons Baby Yoga we sing familiar nursery rhymes to keep the babies engaged and practice a number of movement sequences, swings, balances and massage techniques that are all designed to aid babies' natural development and it can help with common issues like wind, constipation and colic. You will probably also get a good nap out of them at the end, as it really tires them out! 


Each Baby and Postnatal class ends with a good half an hour or so, for a biscuit and a chat. This might be the most important part of the class as it allows bonds to be formed, experiences to be shared and a great safe space to vent or let out any difficulties you may be having.  This is a steadfastly judgement free zone and a safe space to share you experiences with other people who are likely to be just as knackered as you are! There is a Whatsapp group for each class,  so you can  arrange meet-ups and keep in touch,  allowing you to form a support network of local likeminded parents.  Nothing makes me happier than hearing the group chatting away at the end of each class. 

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Twelve Moons Baby & Postnatal Yoga is suitable from birth if you had a vaginal one, or 6 weeks if your baby was born by caesarean, and is suitable until they are around 10 months or actively crawling. Classes are in Beeston at The Youth and Community Centre on Monday mornings. If you have any questions do get in touch, or click below to book your space!