Hypnobirthing Nottingham

Hi there! 

I am Amy, Twelve Moons founder and certified birth nerd. My passion in life is supporting birthing people and their families to achieve a positive, confident,  powerful and informed birth experience. 

Our Hypnobirthing Essentials course is a great way to gain a whole lot of confidence and knowledge but without a big time or financial commitment. 


This might be ideal for you if:

-You don't have the time/budget for a full course

-You have already done some antenatal education and you just need a hypnobirthing top-up


-You just fancy it!  

 Hypnobirthing Essentials is a three hour intensive, interactive workshop, that you can join from the comfort of your sofa. We will be covering: 

  • The biology of birth & How the uterus works 

  • Tools to stay calm and in control during labour

  • Breathing techniques

  •  Positive birth planning & prep

  • Navigating the system (rights, choices & advocacy)

  • The stages of labour 

  • Birth partner support

      And much more! 

There will be time for chat and questions at the end and you will also receive a PDF full of extra info, resources, guides and templates, including example birth and postnatal plans and additional birth partner tips.

Hypnobirthing Nottingham
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At Twelve Moons we pride ourselves on bringing you up to date, evidence based information.

Forget everything you think you know about hypnobirthing, we are here to bring you the facts, alongside a whole toolbox of techniques that actually work. 

Read our reviews to find out what people are saying about Twelve Moons Hypnobirthing and please do get in touch if you have any questions.


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