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Postnatal Day Retreat

With Twelve Moons & Glow Holistics 

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Join us  in January for a cosy day of relaxation, pampering, gentle movement, community  and nourishing food.  Motherhood is heavy work, so come and take a load off with us. 

This retreat is perfect for you if  you have  had a baby in the last couple of years, and you want to unwind, relax,  meet some local likeminded parents and just have a few baby free hours to focus on you.  You are welcome to have  your baby drop in for feeds at any point if  you need to. 

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What is included? 

- Grounding postnatal yoga

- Personalised aromatherapy blending 

-  A delicious lunch

- Mindfulness 

- Individual treatments (a choice of head, back or foot massage)

 - And lastly, a gentle yoga session followed by a guided deep relaxation.

You will also receive your aromatherapy blend as well as some other goodies! 

The retreat is set in the lovely village of West Hallam in Derbyshire, so is easily accessible from Nottinghamshire as well as Derbyshire, from  11am - 3.30pm on January 14th. 

Join us for just £75, spaces are limited so book  your spot while you can.  Get in touch if you have any questions!

About us

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My name is Kate and I run Glow Holistics.
I am a Complementary Therapist focusing on bringing relaxation and mindfulness to my clients through a variety of treatments.
I offer Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Pregnancy Treatments. I love to create a safe space for my clients to relax in, recharge and deeply restore as well as teaching methods to cope with stress and buldl resilience.
I use a variety of mindfulness and breathing techniques in my sessions which can also be used at home.
I believe we all can incorporate small techniques into our everyday life which help us cope with stress on a physiological and mental level, these small steps can make a huge difference in our general health and wellbeing.

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Hi I'm Amy, founder of  Twelve Moons! I  provides Pregnancy Yoga, Hypnobirthing, Birth Preparation and Doula services across Notts and Derby. I pride myself on creating relaxed, non- judegemental environments where my clients are free to learn, chat and build supportive communities throughout the perinatal period.  I offer evidence based, honest hypnobirthing courses and will be resuming my doula services once my little one is old enough! 

Follow Twelve Moons on Instagram for loads of birthy and parenting content or click below to see our other services. 

See you in January for some seriously cosy relaxation. 

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