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If you are pregnant based in Nottinghamshire, and you want a trained birth partner to support you through all the ups and downs of pregnancy, birth and postpartum....we might be able to work together!


My passion is to walk beside families offering gentle reassurance, guidance, and evidence based support throughout the perinatal period. As a full on birth nerd I love ALL kinds of birth, and am happy to support your freebirth, home birth, hospital birth, caesarean birth, VBAC...literally whatever!

As I work totally for myself, I can support you free from any bias or policy. My job is to meet you where you are, and support you in whatever way you need, to make your journey feel more comfortable and positive. If you are feeling anxious or nervous about birth or postpartum, doula support is a total  gamechanger. 

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Nottingham Hypnobirthing
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I started my life as a birth worker after a powerful and positive home birth with my first child, and a twenty-month breastfeeding journey.  I have since gone on to have a second amazing birth and you can find me, a slightly frazzled Mum of two, cooking up tasty food with a baby strapped to my back, and a five year old asking me too many questions.  

I found out in my first pregnancy that I am  obsessed with birth, and I am still committed to constantly expanding my learning so I can support families to have the birth and postnatal experiences that they deserve. 

What I DO do as a doula....

(Try saying that twice fast)

Antenatal Education 

Good quality, reliable Antenatal Education is one of the pillars of a positive birth. My clients are welcome to take my 5* rated Hypnobirthing course, either in one of my regular groups, or privately, where we cover everything you need to know for you to feel excited and ready for birth.  Alternatively you can just cherry pick the parts you want to cover and we can go over those in our antenatal visits. I always visit my clients at their homes at least twice, so I can build a real connection with the whole family. Together we can chat through worries or fears and I can support you through making individualised birth plans to fit your needs. My job is never to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, but to sign post you to up to date, reliable resources so you can make decisions that feel right for your and your family. 

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Birth Support - Physical & Emotional

As a doula I offer birth support for any kind of birth. I go on call at 38 weeks (or earlier if you know you are likely to  be birthing sooner) and am ready to come and support you and your family, anytime day or night. I can be as hands off, or hands on as you need in the moment in terms of physical support, and can use my pregnancy yoga and biomechanics for birth training  into your birth space should you want it. I am always there with a hot water bottle, gentle massage, a cold cloth for your head, plenty of snacks and drinks.... anything to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.  

In addition to physical support I  also offer emotional support, confidence boosting and reassurance throughout labour and birth.  Having that extra reassurance can also be really helpful for birth partners and I can be there to guide and support them through the whole wonderful process, should they need it. 

Nottingham Hypnobirthing


Birth Rights are hugely important to me as a birth worker. It is crucial that you  receive respectful, evidence based and individualised care from your health care provider, and I am there to make sure that happens. During pregnancy I am available to come to antenatal appointments with you should you choose, and throughout labour I can be there to make sure your wishes are being heard, and to advocate for you and your family.  Having this extra support can really take a load of your birth partner, who is then more free to fully concentrate on you and your needs.  With the current state of maternity care, it is even more crucial that you have the right support to advocate for you and your wishes.

Birth Pool Hire 

If you are planning a home birth, and would like a water birth, you are very welcome to borrow my pool at no extra cost. All you need do is source your own liner, hose and tap adapters. 

Here you can see a very pregnant me, sitting in my pool, just a few days before my son made his appearance in my living room! 

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Postnatal Support

Whether it is your first or tenth baby, the immediate postnatal period is a wild ride, and having comforting practical and emotional support can be totally transformative. 

As a postnatal doula I can offer:

  • A non-judgemental listening ear 

  • Basic feeding support (breast or bottle)

  • Nourishing meals  and snacks  cooked to your preferences/requirements 

  • Light housework (e.g doing dishes, laundry, tidying etc

  • Play with older siblings or walk dogs 

  • And if  it is helpful,  I can wear your baby in one of my slings while you nap/shower/have some time to yourself. 

All my birth packages come with a minimum of two postnatal visits, so we can debrief the birth and I can get you settled and cosy in your new normal! If you need extra support, more visits can be added on at an hourly rate. 

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Get in touch for a free 30 minute chat, to see if I am the right doula for you! 

What I don't do........

Clinical tasks 

Doulas do not carry out clinical tasks. So for example I would never be monitoring your baby, performing vaginal examinations, prescribing you medication or offering you medical advice. What I CAN do is signpost you to up to date, reliable evidence to help you make decisions that are right for you, and help you remain comfortable and calm regardless of any twists and turns during your birth journey. 

Judge you or tell you what to do. 

Your pregnancy and birth journey is yours and yours alone. I am there to listen to you and support you in any decisions you make, with no judgement.  This is your body, your birth and your family...  so it is  absolutely your rules

Replace your partner 

(Unless you want me to)

I am not there to override or replace your partner (unless you have decided that is what you want, not everyone's partner in  life, is the best partner in birth!) Instead I am there to support the whole family, and take the pressure off your birth partner, so  they can focus more on you and the experience. 


Hiring a doula has been shown to actually improve outcomes....

There is evidence to show that having a doula:

  • Reduces risk of Caesarean birth † *.

  • Reduces risk of instrumental birth † *.

  • Reduces need for painkillers or epidural during birth † *.

  • Reduces rate of induction of labour † *.

  • Shortens labour †.

  • Increases parental satisfaction with the birth experience. †

  • Increases likelihood of initiating breastfeeding *.

  • Increases likelihood of successfully establishing breastfeeding & breastfeeding at 6 weeks *.

  • Lower incidences of depressive symptomatology †.

  • Improves equity and provide culturally responsive care#


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Nottingham NCT

ZenMuma Full Training Certification in Pregnancy yoga, Hypnobirthing, Baby and Postnatal Yoga and Kids Yoga

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Full Doula

Preparation Course

Nottingham NCT
Nottingham Hypnobirthing

Optimal Birth  

 Biomechanics for Birth 

The Birth Uprising Hypnobirthing Instructor Conversion Course 

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The Queer Birth Club 

LGBT+ Competency Course 

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