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What do people say about Twelve Moons Hypnobirthing antenatal classes?

Me and my partner took  Amy's hypnobirthing course which has been completely invaluable - we've both learned so much, and I know I wouldn't be feeling so calm and positive about my birth if it wasn't for Amy! My partner feels confident that he knows how to support me, and I'm confident in knowing what my body is capable of. I'll definitely be back for baby yoga once the little one is out in the world!


We signed up to do hypnobirthing with Amy after trying her free taster session online. We didn’t really know what to expect, but she immediately made us feel welcome and at ease. We learnt so much about pregnancy and labour which has helped us to feel informed, educated and empowered to make the right decisions for us and our baby. Everything we have learnt has great science and reference points to back it up, which was super reassuring! The information and hands on practise (breathing techniques, mindfulness, movement) have made us feel so much more positive and calm about labour, and it was great to meet others and share our experiences. The weekly cakes were great too! Thank you Amy!


We recently did Amy’s Hypnobirthing course and it was honestly the best thing we’ve done to help prepare for our first baby. Amy is so knowledgeable and the course was delivered in such a clear and informative way. I would recommend to anyone looking to explore hypnobirthing or just find out more about the process of birth. You will feel confident, informed and ready for whatever comes your way!


I wasn’t sure what to expect when we signed up for hypnobirthing but honestly it’s the best thing we did! We’ve both come out of the experience feeling more confident, in control, educated and aware of all of our options. Plus, Amy is an absolute dream who shares knowledge from both experience and facts / science which we really appreciated. Was a lovely way to meet a group of new people going through similar experiences and I know I’ve learnt some skills that will be used through life not just birth. Thanks Amy! 


We cannot recommend Amy and her Hypnobirthing course enough. It has made us feel totally in control and empowered about the imminent arrival of our baby girl. Every session taught us something new, left us feeling relaxed & calm and really powerful all of the choices are in our hands. Thank you so much Amy! Paige & Grant


 Hypnobirthing with Amy has been a gentle, supportive and fun way for me and my husband to really understand the science and phycology  behind birth and to prepare us both for our own roles within this exciting time of life. I definitely would recommend this course very highly. Amy is very knowledgeable and helpful and always eager to help in any way she can. 


We both found Amy's Hypnobirthing course SO helpful and reassuring. I started off extremely nervous about birth, but having the chance to prepare extensively and have Amy's support was invaluable.  I found the sessions fun, interactive and they really did change the way I think about birth. It was great to learn all the ways my husband could support me and he felt really confident about advocating for me and supporting me physically and emotionally. I think all the prep we did with Amy really contributed to our straightforwards and positive experience. I would definitely recommend to any worried parents to be out there! 


We found Amy's Hypnobirthing course incredibly supportive and informative. She tailored each session to suit our needs and was very responsive, giving us personalised information and resources. We enjoyed practising all of the Hypnobirthing techniques and the audio guides have been a great tool in preparing us for 'the big day'. The course has left us feeling confident and excited for our next chapter as first-time parents. We can't recommend it enough. Thank you Amy, the reassurance you have given us is priceless!


Myself and my partner first attended Twelve Moons Hypnobirthing taster session. Even after attending that I felt so much more informed and excited about the prospect of labour. So we booked onto the Hypnobirthing Essentials course which was a three hour session. It was amazing and Amy is so passionate about what she teaches and knowledgeable it really does show. I would 10000% recommend Twelve Moons for any expectant first time mum or mum with children. It’s the most invaluable I have gained throughout pregnancy and feel fully confident to make informed decisions when the big day arrives.



Amy’s course was brilliant! Helped prepare both of us in so many ways which we wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Would 100% recommend for both birthing people and birth partners :)


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