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The immediate period after birth can be a tricky one to navigate, particularly if you don't have a strong local and reliable support network.  Your hormones are going haywire, you are recovering physically and emotionally from birth, figuring out feeding and adjusting to life with this new little person, all on probably very little sleep.


Proper support, nutrition and rest can massively transform your experience, and this is exactly what I am here to facilitate as your postnatal doula! 

      What I offer: 

  • Emotional support in the form of a familiar face, a listening ear over a cup of tea and a slice of cake 

  • Nutritious meals cooked to your preferences. This can be made from ingredients you have in already, or I can collect myself on the way to you. I have previous experience as a cook and am very confident in the kitchen! 

  • Breastfeeding support and signposting

  • Baby care, so you can nap, shower or have some time to yourself 

  • Light housework, eg. emptying dishwasher, washing up, laundry etc

Basically, each time I leave you, you will be rested, fed, the house will be clean and tidy and  you would have had a moment to yourself as well! 

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Pricing Info

  • I offer a free no obligation consultation to see if  my support is right for you​

  • If you choose to hire me I require a £50 deposit and will be on call for you from 37 weeks until your baby is born. I offer a free home visit so I can get the lay of the land, meet your family, and we can talk about your preferences in terms of support and food

  • I offer a minimum of two hours per session support session at a rate of £30 per hour

  • Payment plans are available, as are  discounts for single parents/those on financial support/ those who feel they really need it are available - no questions asked. 

  • Support is available for as long as you feel you need it and you will be invoiced on a monthly  basis, unless otherwise agreed. 

If you are interested, get in touch to book a free, no - obligation chat with me! ​

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