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Derby Hypnobirthing

Hi there! I am Amy, Twelve Moons founder, birth nerd and often tired Mum of one. I offer friendly, relaxed and non-judgemental Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Yoga and Baby & Postnatal Yoga in the Nottingham and Derby areas. When I was pregnant with my son and preparing for my home birth, I realised that I was obsessed with all things birth and after an incredible birth experience I decided to retrain in order to spread the word that, although (for most of us) pregnancy and birth are hard…  you CAN do it! And, most importantly…..you can do it YOUR way.

We teach an evidence based, no -nonsense and practical hypnobirthing course, and firmly believe that preparing for birth and having the right support can totally transform your experience. Our course has no woo-woo elements that make you feel cringe (your vagina will open up like a flower etc) and instead we stick to facts based in solid evidence from reputable studies, and we teach a range of coping techniques from massage to breathing as well as advocacy and decision making skills. 

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when we signed up for hypnobirthing but honestly it’s the best thing we did! We’ve both come out of the experience feeling more confident, in control, educated and aware of all of our options. Plus, Amy is an absolute dream!”

– Jenn Cordell, Oct 2021

Beeston Pregnancy group
Hypnobirthing course

I regularly practiced yoga in pregnancy, and quickly realised what a powerful tool it was to prepare my mind and body for birth… I loved the gentle stretching, relaxation and all the birth education but I felt the classes were lacking in community and it was all a bit twee…So in our own classes we have created a space where my clients feel so safe to chat about all their pregnancy ups and downs, with no sense of shame… there is no such thing as TMI at Twelve Moons! Also, you’ll never hear me call you Mama….


“I absolutely loved pregnancy yoga, it really relaxed me and I met a lovely bunch of people

– Victoria Mawer, October 2020

If you are freaked out at the thought of birth and are terrified of the pain, we are here to retrain your brain! Unlike some hypnobirthing courses  we  don’t shy away from the idea of birth being painful, as for many people this is the reality, BUT we will arm you with tools, techniques and the deep knowledge that you CAN do it, no matter what your birth journey throws at you.  Although you can’t control birth, you absolutely can influence it, and we have supported clients through home births, hospital births, inductions and caesareans. All births are equal, and the act of growing another human and bringing it into the world is MONUNENTAL, in whatever way it happens… all that matters is that you felt in control, respected and treated like the birthing  goddess that you are. If you are ready to feel like a birthy badass, book your space on one of our courses here or get in touch if you want to arrange some private sessions.

We offer ongoing support with all of our services, and are always up for a chat, if you have any worries or concerns you can come to us  and we will give you information to help you and signpost you to useful articles/evidence to help you make decisions. Check out our  blog for loads of free birth tips and our library of  positive birth stories

Forget fancy baby gadgets or expensive travel systems, what you REALLY need is a positive pregnancy and birth experience that will shape you and your family for the rest of your lives. 

If you are ready to feel INFORMED, PREPARED and EXCITED about pregnancy and birth, and you want our expert support, as well as support you will get from all your lovely new Twelve Moons friends….then get in touch and see which of our wonderful services might be right for you.

Hypnobirthing Nottingham
Hypnobirthing Nottingham


No- nonsense, warts and all antenatal education and support.


Because we have lost our village and we need to find it. 


All are welcome. End of. 

My Quals:

Nottingham NCT

ZenMuma Full Training Certification in Pregnancy yoga, Hypnobirthing, Baby and Postnatal Yoga and Kids Yoga

Nottingham NCT

The Birth Uprising Hypnobirthing Instructor Conversion Course 

Nottingham Hypnobirthing

Optimal Birth  

 Biomechanics for Birth 

The Queer Birth Club 

LGBT+ Competency Course 

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What do people say about Twelve Moons Birth Services?

We cannot recommend Amy and her Hypnobirthing course enough. It has made us feel totally in control and empowered about the imminent arrival of our baby girl. Every session taught us something new, left us feeling relaxed & calm and really powerful all of the choices are in our hands. Thank you so much Amy! Paige & Grant



Hypnobirthing with Amy has been a gentle, supportive and fun way for me and my husband to really understand the science and phycology  behind birth and to prepare us both for our own roles within this exciting time of life. I definitely would recommend this course very highly. Amy is very knowledgeable and helpful and always eager to help in any way she can. 

We both found Amy's Hypnobirthing course SO helpful and reassuring. I started off extremely nervous about birth, but having the chance to prepare extensively and have Amy's support was invaluable.  I found the sessions fun, interactive and they really did change the way I think about birth. It was great to learn all the ways my husband could support me and he felt really confident about advocating for me and supporting me physically and emotionally. I think all the prep we did with Amy really contributed to our straightforwards and positive experience. I would definitely recommend to any worried parents to be out there! 



We found Amy's Hypnobirthing course incredibly supportive and informative. She tailored each session to suit our needs and was very responsive, giving us personalised information and resources. We enjoyed practising all of the Hypnobirthing techniques and the audio guides have been a great tool in preparing us for 'the big day'. The course has left us feeling confident and excited for our next chapter as first-time parents. We can't recommend it enough. Thank you Amy, the reassurance you have given us is priceless!

I was a bit nervous doing Zoom yoga class as it is outside of my comfort zone but I am so happy that I did it. Its really lovely to meet other pregnant ladies and share this experience with each other. Amy amazing, she is so kind and warm. I also find the classes are very varied with their content, I especially loved the ball class! Would 100% recommend.


I really appreciated having some much needed time for myself during Amy's classes. They were relaxed, enjoyable and entirely appropriate for my aching body as a new parent as well for my baby's development. Amy was so approachable, caring and knowledgeable. She moved at the perfect pace to capture baby's attention and had a lovely singing voice, resulting in us both thoroughly enjoying the sessions. Best of all, I felt very reassured and encouraged by Amy to respond to my baby's needs as appropriate throughout the session. Thank you so much for such enjoyable classes.


Pregnancy Yoga


At what point in my pregnancy should I start/stop Pregnancy Yoga?
Twelve Moons pregnancy yoga is suitable from 14 weeks right up until baby arrives if you are feeling up for it! 

When is the best time to join Baby & Postnatal Yoga?
You can Twelve Moons Baby and Postnatal yoga  as soon as you are feeling ready if you have had a vaginal birth, but may want to wait 6 weeks or so if you have had a cesarean and it it suitable until baby is around 10 months or actively crawling.

When is the best time to take your Hypnobirthing Course?
Usually a good time to start the Twelve Moons Hypnobirthing course  would be between  25 and 34 weeks (ish) but that is just a rough guideline, some people take it earlier and some later!...Ideally you want enough time to practice what you have learnt but not so much time that you forget it all!  So it really is up to you.... you do you babes. 

I would love to take your Hypnobirthing Course but it is out of my budget, is there anything else I can do?
Yes! You have a few options, I always offer payment plans for my hypnobirthing course that can be flexible to your own budget and I am happy to give away discounted spaces to those who are receiving financial aid or are single parents, no questions asked.  If Hypnobirthing is still not an option, please get in touch with me about bespoke birth prep which is a scalable service, starting from as little as £30.