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In my first pregnancy, I planned and researched everything I could about birth... but I barely gave any thought to the part that comes afterwards. This lead me to an incredible birth experience and pretty miserable postpartum. I felt overwhelmed, underprepared and I had no support whatsoever. Even though I loved my baby and I was grateful he was healthy, I really struggled to enjoy any of it. I'm not saying that postpartum is all a bed of roses, but what I am saying is that you can make it much more relaxed, restful and simple if you are well prepared. 

*ENTER Twelve Moons Postnatal Planning Guide!*

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What is included? 

​A one hour video workshop, talking you through:

  • The pillars of postnatal recovery: rest, support & nutrition 

  • Newborn sleep and feeding expectations

  • Breastfeeding 101

  • Writing a postnatal plan & what to include 

  • Alternative baby shower ideas 

And a PDF download Postnatal Plan template, with loads of ideas and info. All for just £5. 

Don't be like me with my first baby, invest in your wellbeing in those first few months and settle in for a cosy and well supported fourth trimester. 

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Nottingham NCT

ZenMuma Full Training Certification in Pregnancy yoga, Hypnobirthing, Baby and Postnatal Yoga and Kids Yoga

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Full Doula

Preparation Course

Nottingham NCT
Nottingham Hypnobirthing

Optimal Birth  

 Biomechanics for Birth 

The Birth Uprising Hypnobirthing Instructor Conversion Course 

The Queer Birth Club 

LGBT+ Competency Course 

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