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Introducing Twelve Moons

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Welcome to Twelve Moons! I thought I would write a blog about who I am, what has brought me here and the changes you can expect from my shiny new rebrand. So here goes!

I am Amy, Mum of one 2-year-old and I am a birth nerd. There I said it. After my own home birth, I decided I had to learn so much more in order to support other families and to spread the word that birth is AMAZING and that there is so much preparation you can do that will transform your experience. I wanted to learn to provide physical and emotional comfort and support through the absolutely wild ride of pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester and pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing, and baby and postnatal yoga really do fulfil that brief.

I have been working under the lovely ZenMuma for the last year, which has given me the most incredible start in this world, but as you can see, I have decided to take the plunge and create my own brand. I decided that, much like in birth, I want to have full autonomy over my choices, and I feel like this brand really reflects me as an individual as well as my beliefs and passions. Anyone who knows me knows that I am stubborn, strong – willed woman, so having full control over my brand identity is ideal for me! I found the process of naming my brand so hard and after many weird reject names, I came up with ‘Twelve Moons.” This name is big nod to the fourth trimester (around nine months to make a baby and a further three for the fourth trimester) as this is one of my other passions. I am also in love with the themes of cycles, nature, ancient wisdom and wildness that is conjured up when we think of the moon.

Charlie at Our Kindred created the gorgeous branding (which feels totally ME) and from our first meeting she totally got the direction I wanted to go in, moving in a more gender-neutral direction, with a strong emphasis that all bodies are welcome. I am constantly learning and changing the way I work in order to be more inclusive to all, in the hopes that this brand will be a welcoming and supportive space. My other goal is to work on including more of a community aspect to my work, as I am super passionate about creating villages for new parents, which have otherwise been lost in our modern society. I feel strongly that we were not supposed to look after babies and young children alone and I want to do something about it! More on that to be revealed soon…… There are lots of other exciting things to come and I hope you love my new brand (almost) as much as I do.

Thank you for following my journey, I really appreciate your support.

Check out all my lovely services for more info, and visit my booking page to start your journey with me!

Amy x

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